Varooma Review

If you're looking for cheaper logbook loans, particularly in the UK, then you should consider Varooma, a name which is not only trusted but also comes first in several perspectives. This organisation has proved to provide cheap logbook loans in the UK with representative APR coming at about 190.3%. Greenlight Credit Limited was responsible for bringing this company into market in 2011, with the objective of providing easy and cheap financial choices to people in the short run.

In three years time, Varooma has proved itself efficiently and has gained the trust of a large amount of customers throughout UK. According to the company's website and reviews given by the customers, it has been shown that about 93% of the company's customers have been extremely satisfied by their services.

Apart from the excellent services offered by Varooma, it has also won the market by providing logbook loans that have no additional hidden charges whatsoever. This makes it easy for the customers when they are looking forward to settle the loan before the term's end since there is neither fees for early settlement nor any bad impact of having a poor credit history. What's surprising is that, Varooma even facilitates people having CCJs in their past. The company goes one step ahead by making sure that the logbook loans that they offer are 41% cheaper than any other offers in the business.

Furthermore, Varooma allows loans ranging from £500 to £50,000, which provides flexibility to the customer. Repayment period also varies between 3 months and 3 years. Also you can borrow amount that is 70% of your car's official value, although it will depend on the kind of car you have.

What make's Varooma stand out is its dedication to providing cheap loans while ensuring secure lending. When the applications are being reviewed, the company looks for several factors including your ability to repay. Once your application has been approved, you can get ready to get the loan through wire transfer within a very short time period, or even minutes.