V5 Lenders Review

If you are looking for an average logbook loan provider, then you can choose V5 Lenders. Average on the lines that they don't provide anything that is extra ordinary but offer services that satisfy their customers to a limited extent. Therefore, you can find other better options in the market if you expect ‘extra ordinary' services; otherwise V5 Lenders is the right option for getting average services.

Repayment period and loan amounts can range between large numbers, however the representative APR is about 528.30%, along with the interest rate of about 127.2%. Therefore you can look for other choices if you want a lower representative APR.

The company has a very effective website which is updated on regular basis and the application procedure is made much simpler through it. Also, people can find out information on the website only, without having the need to visit their offices. Customers can access them via email, phone call or even through social media websites.

As previously said, V5 Lenders is an average logbook loan choice and you can find better deals provided by some other spectacular companies in the business. However, V5 Lenders does have an effective customer services network comprising of a very easy to use website and the usage of social media sites. The major disadvantage of the company is no doubt its high representative APR and interest rates.