Auto Advance Review

If you are in need of any financial help and willing to make use of your car to get a loan, then Auto Advance is the right choice for you! It has been listed as one of the best logbook loan providers by The loans offered by the company range from £300 to £25,000 with the repayment period between 3 months and 3 years. Also, it has a representative APR of around 300.3%. Auto Advance, being a member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and HPI, looks on to provide loans to its customers confidently and effectively. Although, it does not guarantee the cheapest interest rates, but it still is one of the top companies in the UK which provides industry leading rates and deals without any additional charges that may be hidden in other cases.

Unlike usual logbook loan providers, Auto Advance does not have the policy of running credit checks on its customers. This leads to the process being much less complex and more effective. If the eligibility criteria for getting the loan is met, then it is very much possible for you to get the loan in a few hours through wire transfer.

Before applying, make sure to check the amount you can borrow according to your present condition. Below are the three main necessities for applying:

  • Owning a vehicle that has no financing upon it
  • Self employed or employed
  • You receive your wages in your bank account

If you meet the above requirements, then you are eligible to apply online. You can even pay a visit to any branch of the company in the UK or can even ask them to send their agent to you. What makes Auto Advance an exceptional company is its provision of short term financial choices for the customers and offering responsible services that are no doubt appreciated by its customers.